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SMART Local 219 represents over 550 members who perform work in the Sheet Metal industry of the building and Construction Trades as well as the manufacturing sector. Politically we support candidates who not only believe in a worker's right to have a voice in the work place but fight to protect the right to organize and have a collective voice. We support candidates whose voice in the political arena will be heard and that rallies against legislation such as right-to-work. We support candidates who will fight tirelessly to defend our ability to achieve a modest income, return home from work each night to be our loved ones and retire after a fruitful career with dignity. For these reasons and more, we proudly endorse Cohen Barnes for Candidate for State Representative for the 76th District.   — International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers Local Union #219

We endorse Cohen Barnes based on his mayoral record and impressive property tax reduction.

— Chicago Tribune

Millwright Local Union 2158 announces the endorsement of Cohen Barnes running for Illinois State Representative 76th District.

"After careful consideration Millwright Local Union 2158 has elected to endorse Cohen Barnes of Illinois State Representative. Cohen has proven to be strong leader for the working men and women of Illinois. We are confident that he will be an outstanding leader for the 76th District. " 

This action was voted on by Millwright Local Union 2158 Executive Board on February 7th, 2024.

— Millwright Local Union 2158

Cohen Barnes believes every woman should have equal access to safe and affordable reproductive healthcare. That's why Cohen Barnes has earned the endorsement of Personal PAC, Illinois' leading Pro-Choice Organization. — Personal PAC

I know Cohen to be extremely generous man, with his time and energy. I have seen that generosity spill over from business to the DeKalb community. My relationship with Cohen began on a business call. Independent of that call, Cohen recognized opportunities for improvement in my business and offered help. I left that meeting with excellent advice, and a book from his library that he freely offered. His willingness to help others, is an example of his generous and altruistic nature. This devotion to his neighbors and residents, has been evident in the various roles he has played in the community.

— Noel Bruns
President, Ablesoft Solutions, Inc.

Cohen Barnes will represent the 76th District of Illinois with diligence and integrity. Cohen is a product of the 76th District. He grew up here, served our country, married a wonderful teacher, raised his family, and built his business here. He knows well the issues facing the 76th district. He has been actively involved in serving the community for more than 25 years. He has been on community boards, Dist. 428 School board member, and he is the current DeKalb Mayor. He has a list a mile long of his involvement and his achievements. All of that experience will give the 76th district a leader in Springfield to represent the district. Yet even more important than his experience is his integrity. Cohen is a man of his word. He will tell you the truth even if he knows you hold a different opinion. He will find commonality and work towards a solution everyone can live with. He can build consensus. In the political environment we are in, his voice of reason and his ability to build teams that work toward common goals is refreshing. We are all tired of the fighting, the name-calling, the immaturity, and the self-interest groups. We want real people with OUR best interest at heart representing us. Cohen is that person. He will not discount an idea because it came from someone of the opposite political party. I am proud to endorse him for State Representative for the 76th District of Illinois. — Melissa Butts

Cohen's candidacy for state representative is built on a foundation of proven leadership and a deep commitment to the community. As a successful businessman, Cohen has not only achieved notable success in his own ventures but has also been a guiding mentor, helping others like myself to grow and thrive. His service in the army reflects his dedication to our country, and as a true family man, he embodies the values of responsibility and care. His well-rounded experience, combined with his natural leadership qualities, make him an outstanding choice to represent and lead as a state representative.

— Aaron Hamp
Aaron Hamp- INC Systems

I wholeheartedly endorse Cohen Barnes for the Illinois House of Representatives District 76.  I have known Cohen professionally and personally for many years. He has become a close friend and is someone I deeply admire and trust. Cohen is not only a committed and effective leader but also a passionate and generous one. He has dedicated his life to serving his employees, community, and country.

I believe his genuine and compassionate character sets Cohen apart from others. He is a person of integrity, honesty, and kindness and has shown a remarkable ability to advocate for the issues that matter most. Those characteristics are rare in politics these days. Cohen has them and more, and he is ready to use them for the benefit of the constituents of District 76.

I urge you to vote for Cohen Barnes on November 3rd. He is the best choice for the district and the state.

— Sean Oseran
Heat & Frost Insulators Local #17
Laborers’ Local #32

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