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Cohen Barnes Announces Candidacy for Illinois State Representative of the 76th District

Cohen Barnes proudly announces his candidacy for the position of Illinois State Representative of the 76th District. With a lifelong commitment to public service and a track record of positive change, Cohen Barnes seeks to continue his journey in service to the community and the state of Illinois.

A distinguished military veteran, Cohen Barnes gained invaluable experience during his time in the US Army, learning the values of hard work, duty, and selfless service. This experience instilled in him a profound sense of responsibility to give back to the community and the nation.

Cohen Barnes's dedication to public service continued when he was elected to the local School Board, where he led an initiative to provide a computer to every student, ensuring they had the tools necessary to succeed in today's world.

Currently serving as the Mayor of DeKalb, Cohen Barnes has overseen historic economic development, significant property tax rate reductions, and the creation of numerous high-paying union jobs. His commitment to workers' rights and understanding of the impact of unions stems from growing up in a union household and living in one currently with his wife Amy, a dedicated teacher and proud union member.

In addition to his public service roles, Cohen Barnes has devoted his time to various non-profit organizations, addressing critical issues such as mental health, economic development, and domestic abuse. His leadership roles in these organizations have provided valuable insights into the diverse needs of the community and how to create opportunities for everyone.

Cohen Barnes believes that public service is about one thing: service to the people. He has a proven track record of representing all constituents, regardless of political affiliation or background, and is committed to bringing about lasting change through a balanced approach that prioritizes fiscal responsibility.

As a small business owner for over 30 years, Cohen Barnes has firsthand experience in making payroll and running a business that prioritizes employees while remaining fiscally responsible. This perspective has guided his approach to public service, resulting in a record of lowering taxes while expanding services.

Cohen Barnes states, "I'm running for Illinois State Representative because I believe in representing everyone, creating living wage jobs, and maintaining fiscal responsibility. I hope you’ll join me on this journey to build a better future for the 76th District and the entire State of Illinois."

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